Season’s Greetings

An Ode to Football;

Two months of nothing but rugby and cricket,

Pretending to care about who takes the next wicket,

All that is second best when August rolls around,

And you make your way to that hallowed home ground,

You can cancel the golf or that trip to B&Q,

Finally no more free Saturday afternoons for you,

Away days planned and re-scheduling of Sunday dinner,

All so you can catch that 4pm kick-off – and not miss that last minute winner,

Back from your holidays and you should be all tanned,

Instead you’ve spent two weeks searching for free wifi or broadband,

Hours spent refreshing the club homepage, sky sports or twitter,

At least pre-season is done and the players look fitter,

Searching for signings that never appear,

The same old story year after year,

#breaking news, your club has made an enquiry,

#rejected, official statement; “the offer made was derisory”,

On the walk to the stadium everyone is in good cheer,

Supporters already craving that half time pie and a beer,

As kick-off approaches the same old terrace chants inevitably return,

Plus a few new ones lovingly created ready for the masses to learn,

You see familiar faces sitting in front and behind,

On the bench too, those fans favourites as well as those much maligned,

The manager has assured you the players are up for the fight,

And we all hope the ref’s have improved their eye-sight,

New home shirt on and season ticket in hand,

Anticipation is palpable as 3pm approaches all across the land,

Whether its hoof ball, route one, or all out attack,

The style is irrelevant just as long as football is back,

There will be those who look on with scorn and disparage,

But to you there is nothing better than an evening in with Manish and Claridge,

Of course there is hope of beginning next season with Match of the Day,

To Lineker and Hansen and United away,

With 46 games to go you can’t help but dream of promotion,

It’s the least you deserve after years of devotion,

Unbeaten runs and promotion by Christmas all seem within reason,

Because anything is possible at the start of the season.Image


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